Attention RSS Aggregator Developers: User Choice Is A Good Thing
I don't mind "My way or the highway", but if you want to play that way, you had better have at least two ways.
[Posted to Random Bytes on April 23, 2003 11:17 PM| Links to this post ]
Dave says "Aggregators should not organize news by where items came from, just present the new stuff in reverse chronologic order."

I say, "Sure, but what about letting me choose?"

I prefer to use Newzcrawler in a subject oriented manner, and a source oriented manner depending on what my need-of-the-moment is. Chronological orientation is useful as well and one of the things I miss about the Radio aggregator.

Each orientation has its merits. Subject matter orientation enables my research, source orientation gives me a better sense of "relative quality that can be expected based on past experience" and chronological is a good way to spend a lazy Sunday morning getting caught up.

Problem is, most software developers are intent on telling me what the right orientation is instead of providing me with the flexibility to do what I want.

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