RSS: "Yahoo sends emails to bloggers with RSS feeds saying, hey if you put this icon on your weblog you'll get more subscribers. It's true you will. Then Feedster says the same thing, and Bloglines, etc etc. ...all those logos, when will it end?"

Dave Winer has floated a very timely proposal to run a community subscription management server to help solve the problem. I was just about to implement "Yet Another Subscription Logo" and if this comes up to speed fast enough, I'm pretty sure that I can get this into Tucows "about to be announced but still secret" Skydasher project.

Given Dave's history running, and other community servers, I can't think of a better steward to manage this resource in the interests of the community.

In other Skydasher related news, we'll be opening up our beta program shortly and we're looking for a large number of users to help us test things out. Better yet, we're also looking for different types of users to help us out. Selected beta testers matching a specific profiles will actually get paid to help us with these tests. Leave a comment here or drop me a note if you are interested in getting more information when we take the wraps off.