What is it with those guys over at Bryght?

First, Roland, fueled by a link from Robert Scoble, scoops me on my own announcement that Tucows was about to release an OEM weblog management and provisioning platform - Blogware.

Now, Boris, scoops me on my own announcement that Tucows is doing similar work in the hosted aggregator space.

"Ross's new package for ISPs (Skydasher), which includes RSS-powered content blocks, is one step in this direction: run your own MyYahoo. #

...the media center component gets enclosures coming in from various RSS feeds, and sorts them into the appropriate section based on the type of media.

The UI, by the way, is a DHTML interface.#"

Now I'm not going to explicitly confirm - nor deny - any of the details that Boris posted, Skydasher has been a pretty open secret since the beginning of November. But I will say that the video that he got his hands on is from mid-November. It illustrates similar functionality to what I was showing to our partners at ISPCon and our friends at Bloggercon.

No matter.

I have at least one more Skydasher secret that no one knows about. Not even Joey. Or Darryl. This one is so secret that even the codename has a codename.

More soon.