David Akin has been fiddling with Blogware and has penned a decent entry detailing his observations and best of all, problems, with the tool so far.

Changing to a custom URL is pretty straightforward with Blogware (even if I haven't written that part of the documentation yet ;). Simply go to the Settings tab in your control panel and change the "Blog URL" to whatever hostname you iwsh. Note that this will a) have the effect of forcing all inbound links to your blog to break - which isn't an issue this early into the blog's lifespan (unless you count this post). And b) that you must have a DNS server that can serve records for the URL that you've set up. If you are using a blogware.com subdomain, we take care of this for you. If you want to use something custom at a domain name that you own (like blog.davidakin.com) you must create a CNAME that points blog.davidakin.com to users.blogware.com (wherein we take care of the rest). If you don't create a CNAME on the DNS server that is authoritative for davidakin.com, then your blog will no longer resolve.

As far as the demonic behavior of the help files goes, I believe that a quick Javascript exorcism this morning has solved the problem. We've lost the dynamic tree control, but stand to gain a lot of nice new Mac using friends.

Lastly, auto-excerpts can indeed be changed to suit the publisher's preference. We default it to twenty words, but if this is too few or too many, you can modify the default from the main Settings tab. Scroll down to near the bottom - there's a text entry box labelled "Excerpt Word Size". Changing this value will change the number of words (not characters as the page incorrectly notes - we'll fix that!) generated when Blogware generates excerpts on your behalf.