I like reading Doc. Sometimes he writes stuff that just completely nails it. He's got a way of peering through the leaves and rooting out exactly what matters most. That's what happens when marketing guys get technology.

Today he wrote something completely awesome - its my favorite-est Doc piece ever.

Doc Searls Weblog: Dancing on fire:

...it's getting me high, just from the driving energy of the song. Beats thinking about death, which comes easy when you're 61 with a fever, a gut, and a history of exercise that consists mostly of getting dressed. But music helps. Music is the best evidence of immortality that we have.

See, music is my passion. I love it. Not necessarily the words, but what the music evokes. Sometimes its the words, sometimes its the melody, sometimes the beat. Sometimes, the best times, its the space between the notes - the anti-music - that means the most to me.

I really like Doc's post today because he takes us on a mental trip sparked by music. This is exactly what great music is supposed to do, and I'm thankful that Doc was able to share this with us.