Mark Evans: “…a cool wireless device with a built-in MP3 player would find a big audience.”

Close. But no cigar. Awareness of the problem space isn’t quite there…Scoble thinks that Motorola has found the magic. Closer again, but also not there.

None of these gizmo’s make it easy enough. Self-apparent enough.

iPod enough.

I have 26gb of “legit” MP3’s (in other words, I have 26+ gb of MP3’s and CD originals in a closet to back them up…) and I want to listen to them on the subway, at work, and most importantly – at home throughout my days...

I don’t want to have to sync a device in order to listen to them. I want to load a playlist or something equally trivial.

I have more than 9gb of pictures – I want to be able to view them in a similar manner. Easily, on demand – brain dead simple, from everywhere.

In other words, make it as easy for me to show other people my digital photos as it is to show them my analog photos (and no, making prints doesn’t count – I’m taking over 1000 pics per day when I get going…I mean slideshow…) Same for my music.

Make it easy.

Pretty please?