...oh yeah - I'm like totally out of the office until at least Thursday A.M. Monday A.M.

There's a pretty slim chance that I'm going to get to the;

(pick at least one)

a) email
b) voicemail
c) Skype message
d) Skypemail
e) page
f) trackback
g) other taunt (please specify)

that you left for me on ___(insert date here)____.

I'll deal with it when I get back to the office in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, that really means sometime during the second week of April. In the meantime, I'll be responding to inbound traffic in the following order:

1) questions from customers and potential customers in the Tucows Start Service beta newsgroups/forums
2) questions from customers and potential customers via the support/feedback email addresses.
3) questions from staff/vendors related to the Start beta
4) questions from customers and resellers that I'm still supporting from the Blogware beta rollout (but please try to work it out with our customer service and/or your account rep before you drop me a note)
5) Tucows staff about project related items
6) family wondering why I haven't gotten back to them.
7) everyone else.

Thanks for your understanding.