from the "shoulda-been-on-lifehacker" file. DIY Grow-Op via Google Video.

The intarweb is sooooooooo useful.

Sidenote: I’ve been spending a fair bit of time playing with Google Video and YouTube and their kith and kin over the last couple of days. For all of the fingerpointing at Youtube’s collection of copyright infringing clips, I’m finding that Google’s video collection is waaayyyy more infringing. Youtube only allows 10 minute clips to be uploaded. GV clips can be open ended. Guess which is showing more full length movies and TV shows? The quality is much better with GV, and they allow the download of raw, unencumbered QT files for play-anywhere action.

Complete episodes of “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy” and “South Park” are pretty easy to find… 

 …and full run movies of varying qualities are pretty available too (I managed to find copies of “Lady in the Water”, “Madagascar” and others pretty quickly)

In fact, a quick look at newly submitted content over 20 minutes in duration mostly looks to be pirated in some way – capped from TV, ripped from DVD, etc. There seems to be very little actual user generated media that runs this long.

So it looks like Time’s “Person of the Year” is not only a pothead, but they are a thief as well.