All too often marketers forget that creating excitement about a product actually means creating excited buyers for a product. For instance, the recent Chrysler campaign has failed them miserably. Sales are down (but their web traffic is through the roof)
I’d rather have people buying my cars than talking about them.

 – Marketing Genius

Soap-bplanCreating buzz, is usually just that.

Creating excited buyers, now that’s a talent.  A talent lacking in many of the startups that we so often hear so much about – hear about from insiders who aren’t going to spend a nickle with them.

Sort of like Snakes on a Plane. Release date: August 18th. Advance Buzz: Huge. Box Office Gross (as of Sept. 1) – $29,125,000 (source: BoxOffice Mojo).

Contrast that with “Invincible” another late summer release, which came out a week later on August 25 and as of September 3, has already done close to $35m in ticket sales. Advance buzz? Nada.