I came across this wiki via some blog or another in my aggregator tonight.
This page has been created to provide a list of resources concerning astroturfing

NewPR Wiki

Unfortunately, the wiki doesn’t provide any real definition of “astroturfing” – at least not one that I could find. Perhaps I'm just dense.

Anyways, Wikipedia helped me figure it out pretty quickly.

The NewPR Wiki could have made it easier for thick laypeople like myself and just linked to Bret Fausett’s post about Bill Hobbs as an example.

I wonder if Bill would take the anti-astroturfing pledge.

I wonder how happy everyone in Bill’s blogroll is with the link-love they get from Bill. I wonder if those that are uncomfortable with practices like this would ask Bill to remove his links to their web page as a show of good faith.  Doc Searls? J.D. Lasica? Do you need links from bloggers like Steve/Bill?