March 26, 2003

In Darwin now!!!!!

Hey everyone, It's Amber. Well Gavin and I have done alot since the last time we wrote. We didn't have access to a good computer for a while. We left Tazmania and the bad weather and flew to Adelaide. But we couldn't get any accomidation there so we took the geyhoud to Alice Springs. It took 20 hours by bus but it wasn't too bad. In Alice we took an awesone trip tp Ayers Rock and the Olgas. It was the best trip that we have had since we got here. We walked around the rock and took 3 rolls of film on it alone. Then we took a walk into the gorge at the Olgas. It was just incredible. We went back to the rock for a sunset barbecue with champagne and red wine. It was great. Then we took a bus to Darwin which is where we are now. It is so hot here but we are not complaining. We have booked another tour for tomorrow to see waterfalls and jumping crocodiles at feeding time in the wild. We are looking forward to that. Then off to Cairns and down the cost to look for work. We really liked it there and can't wait to get back. Well we hope to hear new entries from everybody as it makes your day to read them. Miss everyone sooooooooooo much and love you all. Talk soon,

Love Amber

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Yo! We always seem to be postin at the same time! We must be telekinetically talking to each other or something! ;)
I just posted for March 18!
manda xo

Posted by: Amanda on March 27, 2003 10:33 AM

Hey! Check out Ross's photos from his trip to Rio. He got home at about 7:15 this morning. Yes, he brought me presents! And coffee (mmmmm) and sand. What a good hubby. I now have Barry Manilow stuck in my head singing "down at the copa... copacabana...." Yikes! That's where my sand is from. Hey, Ross took a picture of the crazy Raelian leader the dude that said he cloned a baby. He was on the same plane and Ross managed to get a shot of him! ha ha
Love ya,
manda xo

Posted by: Amanda on March 30, 2003 07:34 AM

I'm really glad that you guys are having a great time. Ayers certainly is something to see - hopefully we will also get there someday. Its hard to enjoy the weird places that the office sends me many meetings etc. I'm definitely jealous that you guys are getting off the beaten path and into something that you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

Take care and keep posting ;)


Posted by: ross on March 30, 2003 08:38 AM

hey guys thought you'd like to know....
sorry bout that i think i'm ok now, just as long as i don't look out the window! its actually accumulating now. shouldn't have worn sneakers today:)
we're doing well. enjoying life finally. len got his first cheque this week yay. i'm getting to the end of my children's writing course. thinking already of taking another course. maybe painting.
glad to hear you loved ayers rock and the olgas. i can almost picture the bbq and wine...can't wait to see the pics!
anyway, gotta get back to work, lunchbreaks over
love allyson

Posted by: Allyson on April 1, 2003 01:26 AM
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