March 30, 2003

We in Cairns EvErYboDy!

Hi all, How is everything ?? great I hope, we're having a great time but what else is there to do in Oz?? Heard the news on Grandpa C. it made my week and we raised up a couple Beers for ya!! and everyone else!! we're in Cairns i'm sure you figured it out :) we flew in today from Darwin the flight was 2 and a half hours, it wasn't bad at all we're gettin really good at getting shipped around like cattle but still really don't like flying I guess it beats a 3 day bus ride, the weather here is great we're on the coast again where we love it the most the people of Queensland are great compare a Winnipeger to a person born in T.O. relaxed and happy all the time, we're surrounded in mountains of lush rainforest its very nice, you'll see the pics I hope, we're off to Mission Beach in the morning to soak up some sun before we go job hunting a little further down the coast moneys goin fast but its all worth it, no regrets and live everyday to its fullest because when we get home if we missed something that we wanted to do we will boot ourselves in the rear-end! well thats our update for now. bye for now, Talk soon
love Gav and Amba

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Heloo to Amber and Gavin,
Three months already gone since you guys left. I cannot keep track with name of the places you visit, sleep, meeting people, making friends, in just three months. It's unbeliveable. And so much to see from now on and the experience you going to have, it's so exciting! So huppy for you! AND YET MISS YOU A LOT.
Here, we still endure the snow and ice, but hopefully soon is over. Still busy as you now, Bayley still looking for you, grandma, Terri and Rodger says hello!Cannot wait till the trailer park is going to open and just sink in the sun.
Not much to say, just thinking of bouth of you a lot, thank you so much for the card, IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. Please be careful bouth of you and play safe and LOTS, LOTS, LOTS OF LOVE FROM HOME AND LOTS OF KISSES AND HUGS


Posted by: Gina on April 10, 2003 12:29 AM
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