April 08, 2003

Here To There

Well hello everybody !! its been about a week I think since we've been able to find a computer worth using, since Cairns we've been to a few differant spots, first we travelled north to a plae called Mission beach it was really nice we stayed at a place called the Treehouse it was exactly that we were surrounded in Tropical rainforest it was awesome we had the best room there we woke up everymorning to bright green trees covered in flowering vines, butterflys and geckos it was cool, From Mission Beach we went to Magnetic Island via townsville it was cool we stayed at a place called Geoffs the cabins were a little dodgy but one again the wilflife made up for it, there we saw Koalas because they have no predators such as dingos so they die due to old age which is good, we also say parrots by the hundred they fed them every night in the evening the person who fed them was covered in parrots she was a litte freaked at all these hungry little birds, they also ha some other birds walking around they looked like falcons with streched out legs they were funny as we passed they acted like statues and all you could see was there eyes turning as we passed, silly birds, next is Ambers favorite the possums they tried to be so sneaky and make off with our food but obviously with us sitting there eating it it made it a little tricky for them, they were really cute, from Magnetic island we headed north once again to Airlie Beach we stayed at a place called Reefos it was pretty good a big party spot there we met some cool people they asked us to join them they were singing and playing the guitar they were touring down the coast playing at many differant spots, Josh, Ben and Chris cool Aussies from Mackay after Airlie we headed to Bundaberg home of the Australian favorite Bundaberg rum Distillery, there we stayed at a place called kellys beach resort it was good until they tried to make us pay for two nights instead of the one in which we really did stay, Amber fixed them HEHE now were in a place called Hervey bay we came to go to Fraser Island but its over rated and over priced people go because its the worlds largest sand island WHOOPDEEDOO we've seen a whole S!#t load of sand and were happy to move on to Rainbow Beach in thre morning so Amber can finally have some time with the wild dolphins we wil feed them from a place called Tin Can Bay should be fun, from there we are off to Brisbane then maybe catch a plane to Sydney where I start work at a really nice golf course making some half decent $$ well we will keep you posted... thanx again for the cool comments
love Gav and Amba

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