April 09, 2003

Rainbow Beach

Hi everybody, here we are in Rainbow Beach its pretty nice here but very similar to most small towns along the east coast. we are off to Noosa Heads in the morning it should be pretty good we've heard alot about it. Well there isnt much new going on lookin forward to makin some dough rather than spending it like we have been. Its all worth it though well thats our little update for now.
take care :)
Gavin and Amber

Posted by gavin at April 9, 2003 12:46 PM | TrackBack

hey guys, sounds like they're going to have to frisk your luggage real good for little critters eh! i can't wait to see your pix of all these amazing animals. those birds sound freaky. so you had to fight off the possums and the locals this week, sounds like a bit of excitment. good thing you brought your "enforcer" gav. ha ha.
i think i saw a show on the koalas, apparently its a real problem i guess old age is to long for some of the locals.
not much new here, we finally got some sunshine, i think the snow melted a little. i actually finished work at 11 tonite, yay a 12 hour day! poor len is hanging in there. wednesday nite is his movie nite. the problem is his mean wife never wants him to rent stuff she hasn't seen. so he's really exploring some obscure movie titles!
well i should get going. gotta get home to bed.
love you both take care

Posted by: Allyson on April 10, 2003 11:08 AM

Well hello! I was starting to worry about the two of you. I must say that up until now, I haven't been jealous. I've been happy to hear about the two of you having fun. I still am, but now I'm a little jealous! Koalas and possums. And freaky birds. ha ha My mommy is here on a course - she's staying at a hotel near the airport where the course is being held. Monday I start working in the clinic. I just bought new shoes and black pants and white shirts for work. I'll look like a server. I wrote my last exam today. What a relief. Sort of anti-climactic though. Like you expect people to be cheering and throwing confetti when you walk out the door or something because we've all worked so hard - lotta sweat, sacrifice and tears - and you walk out the door - and nothing. Sad!
My friend Bull went to Fraser Island. He loved it - but then he didn't have as much time as the two of you to get to see the rest of Australia. When I am completely finished in the fall, I definitely want to go somewhere. Anywhere! lol
So Gav, you've already got a job at a golf course? That should be very cool. Wow. A golf course in Australia! What tales you'll have to tell your grandchildren someday.
Snow's melting, the sun is out in full force, birds are chirping and it's an all around beautiful day. Good time for a celebratory beer!

Love you,
Manda xoxo

Posted by: Amanda on April 11, 2003 02:06 AM
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