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Occupy Earth

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As a political movement, Occupy Wall Street clearly resonates in the United States. At least as much as the Tea Party did, except perhaps on a more human scale. This weekend will bring us the Occupy Toronto and other Occupy Canada movements, and we’ll see what kind of traction they get north of the border.

It doesn’t resonate with me.

When I hear the phrase “It’s about the 99%”, I wonder to myself, which “99%”

I’m distracted by the need for Occupy Burundi, Occupy Kinshasa, Occupy Zimbabwe. Financial districts barely exist in these countries.

80% of the world’s population lives on less than $10 a day. There are two billion children on the planet, more than half live in poverty.

Poverty stats are as accessible as they are undeniable. I won’t quote any more. My point is this: We live in the 1% and unless we figure out a way to fix Earth for the 99%, we’re all screwed. The 99% represented by the U.S. protestors are barely 4.8% of the global population. Few, if any, are in the global 99%.

In fairness, there are signs from the OWS movement that the global issue is a concern, but their commitment to it feels thin and fleeting. I get the sense that they are more worried about their jobs and the screwing they’ve received from their Wall Street and choosing between paying rent and buying food than they are with the simple life and death calculus that real poverty brings.

We need Occupy Earth – a truly global occupation that helps the 99% that really needs it.

  • time for change

    This is my biggest problem with society right now. Humans are, by the most part, engaged with each other in a global way in every aspect other than politically.Granted, the belief systems & customs of our varying tribes preclude consensus on all matters, save a few inalienable truths. Such truths include personal freedoms, safety..really, the hierarchical needs. That’s simple enough; once accomplished the human condition can be enriched by beneficial experiences such as learning, growing & following ones own bliss. People constantly overlook the obvious truth of our reality that we must collaborate in order to succeed.the praise here needs be given to the brave souls who let go of fear & stood up for something. Regardless what cause or what it means to them, they are sorting us more & more that e are sick of what we’ve become, & we mean to change.

    • Time to change

      Sorry, mobile commenting; global, ya know (=

      They are showing us more & more that we are sick*

      • I took the liberty to correct the autocorrect for you :-)

        FWIW, I think we’re getting better. Our global interconnection makes it harder to forget about the 99% than it ever has been in the past and judging by some of what I’ve seen online tonight, it might be the difference we’ve been looking for.