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Excerpt, Gnomologia

I was Googling some old sayings this evening, and came across an old tome called “G NO MOLOGIA: PROVERBS; Wise SENTENCES Witty SAYINGS, Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British.”

Here are just a few of the neat sayings that I came across in a quick skim – recognize any of them?

‘Tis easier to know how to speak, than how to be silent.
‘Tis net the Action, but the Intention, that is good or bad.
‘Tis not the Beard, that makes the Philosopher.
‘Tis not your Posterity, but your Actions, that will perpetuate your Memory.
‘Tis the Horse that stumbles, and not the Saddle.
‘Tis the last Feather, that breaks the Horse’s Back.
To be employ’d in uselete Things, is half to be idle.