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Murdoch’s Position on SOPA is rooted in blind greed

I’ve been reserving the space on this blog for bigger thoughts and longer pieces than Twitter allows for. This thought is only slightly longer than 140 characters, but the original article got me riled up enough I just had to fire up MarsEdit and rip out a few choice words…


I just finished reading this article describing Rupert Murdoch’s twitter potshots at Google earlier this week concerning Google’s stance on SOPA/PIPA. About half way through, my menta jaw hit the floor.

Implicit in Murdoch’s statements is this thought:

Internet Search on the PC is one thing, and Internet Search on the TV is another.  Damn you if you think that I’m going to let you run a clean search of the Open Internet on the television.

Although I didn’t need the reinforcement, this story reminds me exactly how self-centred, greedy, short-sighted and damaging SOPA and its kin will be. If you hadn’t figured this out already, this fight is all about Big Media losing power and money and has extremely little to do with art and piracy.

My message for Mr. Murdoch? Go find yourself a new business model – the Internet doesn’t want yours.