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Quick Bits: A hologram, a manifesto, a new SEO Tool and Microsoft about to get whipped by Apple – again.

Holographic Tupac: Awesome and inevitable. I just don’t understand the criticism. Its just a recording, we’ve been listening to those for years. This isn’t a big step beyond what Cirque did for MJ.

501 Developer Manifesto: A clock puncher is a clock puncher. I’m not impressed. Come and go as you please, and don’t bother coming if you don’t bring any passion for what you do.

Inbound Writer: I love the idea of this. I’m starting to use it, time will quickly tell if it has real SEO value.

Windows 8 taking a run at iPad: I think Apple has been holding out on us and have some surprises in store that will again raise the bar on the industry and leave Dell, HP and Microsoft wondering what the hell just happened. Again.