Sat, 23 Nov 2002 17:55:38 GMT
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Tom notes over at Plasticbag (thanks Doc) that "the future isn't in protecting traderoutes, its about making everyone a pirate". Quite the statement. His description of the dynamic is largely correct - the way that people get their data is changing in extremely fundamental ways. But, doesn't mean that, as he notes, that "Apple is out to make everyone a pirate" just because they are completely out ahead of everyone else in the industry. Apple is amongst the first set of the Big Players that has realized that the "real deal" is about making sure that everyone participates in your traderoute.

Apple is doing it again. No longer satisfied with jousting against Microsoft, they've chosen another large foe that has to defend its traderoutes in order to survive. The problem is that while companies like Sony have vast traderoutes, the traders are fleeing in large numbers to players like Apple amongst others. And Apple, despite the fact that is has a huge number of traders (Napster refugees and the like), they don't have anything that they can legally traffic in. Of course something will have to break, resulting in a (please pardon the expression) huge paradigm shift. The fact that everybody is a pirate in the meantime is simply indicative of the trend, and not the trend itself. The showdown comes when both Apple (and its complicit allies) and Sony realize that they both have what the other wants - consumers and distribution. The result will be both good for consumers and a bloody mess in the meantime.

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