Sat, 23 Nov 2002 17:24:02 GMT
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I've received a number of emails recently about an article that I wrote a while back - a small burst of fan mail I suppose. The burst got me to thinking that the way the Internet links changed in some small way over the last little while - like the recent google dance for instance. Checking the referring logs to my website I couldn't come up with anything concrete, so on a lark I did a Google search for "History of DNS" and lo and behold, in some small way it looked like I found a keyword that was mine. (Considering that I don't own Ross" or "Rader" this wasn't a bad consolation.). The problem is though that while my *words* own the link, my website doesn't. See, I wrote the article for Webhosting Magazine a long time and ago and the version that they put up on their website is substantially more popular than mine. The problem? They don't have publication rights for the Internet. I would never say anything to them - no harm, no foul, I'm not a "real writer" and there is no real economic losses of material consequence (although I'm sure that under the legal definition of loss that there would be). What bugged me about this initially, and still does today, is that I *gave* them the article on very specific grounds and they essentially ignored me.

And now I have to share my keyword with them.

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