August 12, 2002

Wherefore art thou Mole?

I miss "The mole".

<sigh>it hasn't even been a week yet.</sigh>

Tuesdays will never be the same. My kingdom for a Tivo. (well, my kingdom and the rest in cash ;)

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The web's schizophrenic little brother ?

If you've wondered why I've started putting bracketed question marks in the middle of my sentences, click on one of them one of these days and you might answer your own question [?]. The question marks lead back to a Blockstackers project called "Everything2" which is essentially a community built, self-referencing outliner, idea-sharer, definition provider...thing...

Check it out, its pretty neat.

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Indian ISPs Opposed to VoIP IM Traffic.

According to Wired, Indian ISPs are up in arms over IM applications that provide their (the ISPs) subscribers with VoIP [?] support. More astounding than the attitudes of the Internet Service Providers was the degree to which the Indian government seems to have (attempted or successfully - not sure) regulated the Internet in an extreme fashion running directly contrary to the end-to-end principle. "The application is dead, long live the telecoms".

Scott Tyler Shafer provides one great example of what India will be missing out on in the next 99% of the Internet's functions if the government keeps regulating in this direction.

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Tue, 13 Aug 2002 02:24:39 GMT

Bizarre...two days of stories didn't make it to the main page of the blog (even though I diligently added them all and they showed up in my Home screen)...then, they disappeared even from there and are now completely lost. Weird.
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