June 26, 2003

The Alpha and the Omega

I haven't posted to the blog for a loooong time. Here's a couple of excuses to try on for size. A) I've been heads down on work stuff, b) I've been working on a re-re-release of byte.org that includes the integration of a new blog tool or c) all of the above.

There will be nothing over the next two weeks. I'm going away. To here. Drop by if you're in the neighborhood.

And while I am away, this blog will continue to rot the same way that all untended MovableType blogs do...things will continue to fall of the bottom until there is nothing left.

But of course, that doesn't matter because none of this will be here when I get back - remember? The new blog. Big surprise.

This is officially my last post to MT.

Good night Mrs. Callabash...wherever you are.

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June 13, 2003


Leslie Daigle, chair of the IAB, has penned and published an internet draft entitled WHOIS Protocol Specification.


   This document updates the specification of the WHOIS protocol,
   thereby obsoleting RFC954 [1].  The update is intended to remove the
   material from RFC954 that does not have to do with the on-the-wire
   protocol, and is no longer applicable in today's Internet.  This
   document does not attempt to change or update the protocol per se, or
   document other uses of the protocol that have come into existence
   since the publication of RFC954.
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June 09, 2003

More from the OECD...

Demys News Service, UK - 4 hours ago
[via ICANN Googlenews]
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Such exuberance...


"The operator expects 1 million .la addresses to be registered over the next few years. " - DMNews on repackaging the Laotian ccTLD as a funky new generic for Los Angeleans...

That's a lot of exuberance for one article. I wish them well - don't see how they are going to make those numbers, but I wish them well.

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June 06, 2003

Roessler's Call Notes

Another great set of notes from Another WHOIS conference call

Thanks again to Thomas for volunteering to do this.

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Meet the WWPC

ICANN has announced the composition of their Whois Workshop Planning Committee.
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