October 18, 2002

Cohen on ICANN

Demys is running part I of a three part interview with Jonathon Cohen... "There's nothing like being quoted to remind you of what you've said - most of us don't expect to be recorded and to have what we said at a given time put to us; I think it's very useful for people to understand the implications of what they're saying as they say it."
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Defensive Registration Not Adding Up

I wasn't going to blog this, but if their denial is true and Siebel is simply making a technology announcement next week at their developer conference (BillG is keynoting), then why did they register siebelmicrosoft.com and other variations last Monday? And I thought the days of defensive squatting were behind us.
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Call me a Cynic, but...

On 3 October 2002, the DNSO Names Council voted to initiate the policy-development process that will likely be used by the GNSO to examine the issues and make policy recommendations concerning deletion of gTLD registrations. The notice of initiation has been posted on the DNSO website and the attendant issues paper will be available for public comment until November 5, 2002.

As a big believer in the maxim that if one isn't part of the solution, they are part of the problem, I volunteered to assist in the drafting of the issues paper (truth be told, NC Chair and Registrar Rep to the NC, Bruce Tonkin did the lion's share of the work). I'm also a big believer in "wait and see how things work out", but I can't see how this highly compressed schedule can produce well considered and reasonable recommendations, especially when one considers that the TF is required more to gather input and data and required less to consider what the recommendations should be - the Names Council now has this responsibility. This very small group of people that makes up the Names Council has very little time to consider the limited details and input gathered by the task force and recommend what the new policies and processes surrounding the deletion of names should be.

As I said, I will wait and see whether or not this process can produce valid results - I will be taking bets in the meantime however. Current odds are 5 to 1 against :)

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