October 30, 2002

Better than the Magic Eightball

Stuart has just laid out a new proposal for adding new TLDs to the root. If they need any outside consulting help with the specifics of the plan, the staff might want to use this resource.
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Sensible Advice

Bruce Tonkin points out a very important point about what it is going to take to get a seat on the board once the ERC recommendations have been implemented: Positive, good-faith participation by individuals and organization at the bottom-most levels of the organization. Its a very simple formula that, in my mind, will provide some measure of how successful reform turns out to be. I urge everyone involved to heed Bruce's advice.

Small note to Karl - I think that Bruce was talking about individuals and organizations in a slightly different sense than what you heard. I am an individual that works within the process, the organization that I work for is also involved in the process. There are also an entire class of individuals, those that elected you, that are involved in the process.

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Get Involved with the Substance

Stuart Lynn just used a phrase that I rather like. "...for people that want to get involved with the substance of ICANN and not just the process."

The matter of Vint's membership in the ACM is still up in the air, but it looks like Stuart has prevailed in his "debate" with Kathy Kleinman. :)

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