November 16, 2002

Dem deres a fightin design mista...

The blog is officially under construction. Not only am I tired of looking like a real dweeb with the mostly out of the box template that I am currently using, I'm also getting jealous of how good Brett's blog is starting to look. I can't put my finger on what he's done, but I like it.

Time to raise the bar.

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My first Googlewhack

Sometimes I'll do the GoogleTV the web with Google while watching a TV show. I find that science shows are the best companions. Anyways, one segment of the show that I'm watching now mentioned a Canadian company that manufactures "riverboards". It looked pretty neat and I wanted to check out whether or not the company, "Somebody's Riverboards" had a website (they don't as far as Google is concerned). So I Googled a singular version, "Somebody Riverboard".

And, instead of finding their website, I found a Googlewhack. Neat eh? Except Googlewhack says there are two websites that contain the search terms I used. I can't figure this out because Google says different and I haven't blogged this whack yet. Regardless of who is right the whack gets whacked as soon as I hit submit on this post and Google indexes me ;)

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