November 28, 2002

Fri, 29 Nov 2002 04:52:13 GMT

Elliot asked me today what I thought about Microsoft's new Tablet PC's. He's in the market for a new portable (and given his penchant for shiny things, he'll probably get one of those aluminum-plated Macs that you occasionally see being paraded around the few remaining conferences by the occasional owner who prefers form over function - as most people do:). Of course, I gave him a "What do you think I think about Microsoft's new Tablet PC's?" kind of look. Translation: I've been dying to get my hands on one since I first read about them a year or so ago.

Given that they've been formally released now, and their functions are being described almost everywhere on the web, I've been able to start comparing the function of this new breed with the functions offered by current portables. The only problem being that I don't actually have a real Tablet to compare my current laptop to. (yup, still using the brick that our lan-guys lent me in place of my anorexic Dell.)

One of the more obvious features that I wasn't sure I could adjust to was the capability to rotate the screen. I mean, it makes sense when I do it on my Pocket PC, but these work out of the box in portrait mode. Its only when I'm working on a Word document or watching divX clips on the handheld that I really have a need to rotate the screen into wide-screen mode. Regardless, I've never actually used a "real" computer in portrait mode so I went hunting for a display driver that would mimic the "rotate display" feature on my PDA to see what value vertical might hold for me in everyday use. I found one, installed it and immediately fell in love with my new view of the dekstop. I've spent the last three hours lying on the couch with a full size keyboard plugged into my laptop with the portable lying on its end on the coffee table about three feet away.

Portrait display is a substantially better way of dealing with the windows into your computer operating system. Let me guess, those shiny Apple computers have been offering this capability for years now, right?

More on my quest for the perfect computing device at some point in the future.

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Thu, 28 Nov 2002 18:30:17 GMT

Some thoughts on d arker applications for RFID...
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Thu, 28 Nov 2002 18:13:57 GMT

Prof. Ron just dropped me a note regarding Wired's coverage of Citizenlab's World Sousveillance Day". First I'd heard of it, but I'm thinking that this might be just subsversive enough to classify as fun....but which camera to use. Decisions, decisions.
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Thu, 28 Nov 2002 16:02:17 GMT

Just a minor point of context that I think needs to be explained... Dave was being thankful, not doing schtick. Dave's expression of gratitude reminded me of good schtick. Apologies for any misconceptions this may have caused. Playing with context might be an interesting aspect of blogging, but it sure leaves a gray area on the permanent record...
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Thu, 28 Nov 2002 13:35:51 GMT

Damn - I've gone and created two quotes of the day. Hope this doesn't lead to a temporal paradox that rips the space time continuum. Note to self: finish at least 1/2 cup of coffee before blogging in the AM. Now, off to work with you.
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Thu, 28 Nov 2002 13:31:00 GMT

Ceremonial Delinking? Sounds more like Ritual Silliness to me. Not sure if its the same kind of silliness that Montaigne was talking about, does have a deliberate absurdity about it. "We are at War--as much with Liberals as we are with Islamic terrorists. Your side is, unfortunately, the Enemy.' Hmm...I wonder where that leaves Canadians. Maybe we'll think twice about calling Bush a moron in the future. [note to jen: grab that dictionary and while you are looking up a definition for "censorship", check the spelling on "Islamist" - I corrected it here for you, but I won't be chasing down your misspellings everywhere in the blogosphere. - rwr]
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Thu, 28 Nov 2002 13:19:20 GMT

"No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately." - Michel de Montaigne
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Thu, 28 Nov 2002 05:41:14 GMT

Tis almost the season to be jolly and Dave gets right into the swing of things by putting a blogtwist on one of Steve Martin's old stand-up schticks. Passable to the point of not having to offer an apology anyways.
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Thu, 28 Nov 2002 05:32:37 GMT

"Imitation is the sincerest form of bloggery." - Ross Rader, with sincere apologies to Fred Allen
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