February Funk
[Posted to Random Bytes on February 12, 2003 07:24 PM| Links to this post ]
I've been in a rather crappy mood for some reason or another all week. Shouldn't be the case, had a wonderful weekend trying to fish. My guess is that I'm not getting enough sleep, or maybe just not enough of the right kind. Anyways, I've not been in much of a posting mood either. Hopefully this breaks the streak. I still don't feel much like posting, but at least I've done it ;) Truth be told, even with the funk, not much of interest has happened this week to compel me to post. I'm doing a lot of writing for work as well - which probably has the net result of sucking a lot of the excess inspiration out of my system. Most of this stuff will hit various feeds over the next few days, I will make sure that I send out some pointers when I publish...
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