[Posted to Random Bytes on February 13, 2003 11:58 PM| Links to this post ]
Got a lot going on upstairs...I wish there was an easy way to publish my google toolbar search history. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but here is what has made it into the toolbar this evening... clipper chip description polling software vbi vertical data transmission pine windows blog tool movable plugin mt plugin trademark legislation nash equilibrium I've managed to get some of this into a new paper - that makes a total of two on the go from home and three in the works at the office. Given the substantial threads that these docs share, I'll probably be trying to combine as much of the substance as possible. Not sure whether this is internal or external stuff at this point but we'll see. I also managed to get ahead of the curve on Valentine's Day for a change. No flowers this year, but the obligatory card and present are in the bag and dinner is in the fridge. I might just do the masochistic, cover-my-bases thing and hit the flower shop on the way home tomorrow just in case...I'll probably be the only one buying flowers at the last minute.
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