Registrar Happenings...
[Posted to Random Bytes on February 14, 2003 08:13 AM| Links to this post ]
Transfers get done and the Board election heats up. Just as we get finished with one distraction, another one kicks off. I suppose that this is the nature of organizations. This morning, the GNSO Secretariat posted the final, final version of the Transfers TF Report. Barring any unforseen political train-wrecks, this is the one that the Board will be voting on in Rio. Keep your fingers crossed. Mike Palage also announced this morning that he would not be seeking re-election as chair of the registrar constituency, but would instead be focusing on the board race. Mike has done a stalwart job of running the constituency for the past few years and even with the ups and downs, he deserves the thanks of all registrar members of the constituency - he certainly has mine. Interesting choice that he's made but he himself notes that he prefers to do things "unconventionally". This pits Mike in a head-to-head race with some pretty hefty competition. Rumor has it that Alejandro Pisanty, Amadeu Abril and Jonathan Cohen - are all interested in seeking re-election, if not actively campaigning now. The rumor mill is also naming at least two other candidates that haven't formally declared themselves - yet. One of whom has past experience as the DNSO Names Council Chair, the other, heavily involved in the day to day "block-and-tackle" of the G/DNSO. This will definitely be an interesting race, especially given the new voting structure under the GNSO, the historical loyalty that registrars have for Abril and Pisanty, the mounting friction between the provider and IP constituencies and the changes in staffing over at ICANN-central. Hopefully somebody starts taking odds on this stuff. As part of my continuing coverage of "Election Watch 2003", I'll definitely have further thoughts as new angles in this watershed election develop.
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