A visual tea recommendation for Meg
[Posted to Random Bytes on February 19, 2003 12:53 AM| Links to this post ]
Meg remarked today that "Alas I find tea to be one of those beverages that sounds exotically different depending on blend and leaf but ends up all tasting like, well, tea to me. Perhaps my palate is just not refined enough?" - I think she needs to try some Jasmine Slivering Balls. I had the pleasure of watching these unfold on a recent trip to China that I was fortunate enough to luck into. I didn't actually get to taste it because I foolishly ordered regular green tea in a place known for these slivering balls. I was forced to watch the tea-balls of my two companions unfold instead. It was fascinating to watch these little brown balls at the bottom of the tea glasss slowly unfold over the course of an hour or so into fully shaped chrysanthemum blooms...really neat.

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