Who is this?
[Posted to Random Bytes on February 19, 2003 01:08 AM| Links to this post ]
Odd - I don't remember adding this blog to my RSS reader - not disappointed that its in there - some interesting comments sprinkled throughout the feed. I don't even know who writes this blog, which is odd, because I like reading the words of those I know or the words of those whose friends I know, or friends of friends of friends that I know, or people whose names I can spell...okay - truth be told, I'll pretty much read anyone - once.

Anyways, this blogger (who are you?) makes an interesting comment - para - "conversation in the blogosphere about pings, trackbacks etc. are starting to die down..." - just wait, this is just digestion, the trough to the wave. Things are going to get hot and heavy in about 20 seconds.

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