Cory Doctorow, Jim Morrison and Me.
[Posted to Random Bytes on February 19, 2003 11:36 PM| Links to this post ]
Cory said some stuff about Shift - blah, blah, blah - I never did like it. Oh well. Alas poor Shift, etc.

Wait a second. That would imply that he knows what Shift is (and possibly that he has crappy taste in magazines). That would imply that he probably lives in Toronto (not because he has bad taste in magazines, but because he knows what Shift is, was, whatever.)

Finding out who Cory is  becomes my immediate quest. Hey -  he's exactly 14 days younger than me. So,  if I have a 14 day head start, then why does my blog suck so much worse than his?

Doesn't matter, Jim Morrison died within hours from when I was born. That certainly beats a cool blog anyday. "The soft parade has've got a cool machine..."

Wait - Cory didn't post any of that - someone named Xeni did...she seems nice enough, but I have no idea how much of a head start she has on me. She does have a cool website though - and she seems to know Shaq. Did I mention I share my birthday with Tom Cruise?

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