ROTD: GoDaddy Gets Defensive about its Registrations - The Update
[Posted to Random Bytes on February 19, 2003 10:52 PM| Links to this post ]
In "ROTD: GoDaddy Gets Defensive about its Registrations" I mentioned that GoDaddy was doing a lot of defensive registrations. According to Brett, it looks like they were just testing their software.

I get my results from beta version of DomainWatch. Its a pretty powerful tool - but, like most things like this, the real power lies in interpreting the results. Anyone buying stock based on my "SIEBELMICROSOFT.COM" ROTD posting could have made a small bundle if they divested at the right time (yeah - this is investment advice, keep walking, nothing to see here, I'm not an investment councillor). Rumor has it that our product management team is current working on packaging up these tools for Tucows resellers.

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