Pharaoh Gates
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Marc is talking about convergence - a nice little summary of history before it happens. He did say one thing that particularly caught my eye...

"The pipeline going into the home will feed BOTH worlds via the Home LAN.  Digital convergence will continue and (hopefully) all of you will lose your jobs and an entire new generation of 'media and computing' executives will show you the way." 
- "Two worlds dying in front of our eyes"Marc's Voice
Marc completely pegs where the evolution is going to happen - perhaps this is common knowledge and I missed it, but its the first time that I've heard anyone imply that convergence isn't going to happen at a device level (or application level if we are using OSI-speak), but at the transport layer. And come to think of it, Televisions are pretty well designed applications - IP enabled TV's would probably be equally well designed. So what does this next set of wires look like?

Personally, I'm pretty happy that I don't have to worry about my toaster morphing into a cellphone anymore. Can't wait until it gets an ethernet jack though.

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