Ripped Off (update)....
[Posted to Random Bytes on May 7, 2003 05:06 PM| Links to this post ]
A few of you have written to find out what happened with the copyright problem that I ran into yesterday.

I'm please to note that the semi-pleasant request actually yielded unexpected, but positive results. Within a few hours, the images had been removed from the web with other, presumably, licensed ones taking their place.

There were a few of you that wanted to hear more - I'm not talking. Things were worked out quickly and efficiently so there's no need to throw anything further into the water/onto the fire (whatever...).

I am left wondering where DRM for individuals will come from. I would love a way to protect my intellectual property at a cost that I can afford. Too much of the intellectual property discussion focuses on the rights of big business - what about little old me?

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