January 02, 2003

Fri, 03 Jan 2003 04:49:28 GMT

Wow, that was quick. In about ten minutes I not only got a hostname for my desktop, I also managed to set up the software and resolve http requests directly to the Nomad. I'm getting kind of sleepy right now, but I will be sure to post complete instructions etc. in the AM. I'm quite excited because not only does this mean that my CD collection is now available world-wide (to myself thank you very much), it also means that I will be able to fairly easily get Radio running at home again and take advantage of the remote console features finally - spelling mistakes begone! ;)
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Fri, 03 Jan 2003 04:48:18 GMT

As further conflict in Iraq seems unavoidable (the questions now seem not to be "yea" or "nay", but rather, "to what extent" and "how soon"...) the Bush administration should take a few of these last pre-conflict minutes to consider these thoughts... "Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events. " - Sir Winston Churchill
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Fri, 03 Jan 2003 03:58:08 GMT

Some neat date tricks going on today... For instance, the clock read 01/02/03 01:02:03 early this morning...1/2/03 12:03 also jumps to mind. Off to plug my jukebox into the web...I'll report back in a few hours. WeatherWatch; 9 stories up, the snowstorm is bad enough that I can't see the ground.
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Thu, 02 Jan 2003 22:09:02 GMT

I hadn't realized how much Google is shaping the way that we navigate the web until I realized a few weeks back that it was a much better (read: faster) way of finding dinner candidates at my favorite recipe site - neat. If you care, I went with this one.
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Thu, 02 Jan 2003 21:18:03 GMT

I'd meant to drop a link to this worthwhile effort many moons ago and then forgot about it. Don't ask me what googlisms brought me back there this afternoon...DeCSS Now!...because I'm not talking :)
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