April 15, 2003

Better than Rio

It was close to 28 degrees celsius here today.

It was a chilly 25 degrees in Rio.

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One Good Reason to Deregulate Canada's Air Industry

Brett asks "Why idoes it costs more to fly from LA to Montreal than it does to fly from LA to Rio de Janeiro?"

Answer: Because Canada only has one airline and they recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

Sheesh, even Aeroflot is still in the air.

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Run to the Hills: Rap is the New Rock

I wear khaki pants to the office. I drive a minivan. The last time I was in a record store, yes I said "record store", I bought Mark Knopfler and Neil Young's latest releases. I BLOG. For the most part, I'm a geek that acts like he's grown old before his time.

And I don't listen to rap. I hate it.

Until I saw "8 Mile" on the plane during a recent trip to Brazil. There was something in the music that I actually liked. A lot.

Its odd - hated it through high-school, couldn't stand it in university and nothing has really jumped out at me in the meantime. To be honest, I found a lot of it really annoying. But not this. This is excellent, its angry - and insightful. Its the rock album that I've been waiting to hear since "Powerslave", the last real rock album that made sense and stood out - at least in my mind.

I can't believe I just said that. Eminem is the new Iron Maiden.

And this is a great album.

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Novell Cozies up to Open Source?

I continue to be amazed that Novell keeps getting mentioned in any publications at all. I'm also amazed at the fact that they are still search for something to effectively replaced NetWare. Second chances are hard to come by for sure, but its rare that a company looking for a second chance lasts as long as Novell has in search of one
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Still timing out...

Hmmm...so even after the upgrade, MT still continue to time-out when I post via XML-RPC using whatever blog client I happen to be using. This has to be server side because I don't see it on other MT installations or with other clients on this installation. Odd. Update: Increasing w.bloggar's timeout to 60 seconds seems to have licked the problem. First "post successful" response I've seen in weeks!
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Upgraded to MT 2.63

Joe was kind enough to put a new engine under the hood of byte.org. This is just a test post. Let me know if you encounter anything weird with the application over the next few days.
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