I'm kind of bummed today.

One of the items I had on my todo list was a rather fun, Friday afternoon kind of thing. I was especially looking forward to it after doing yet another go round on the pending ICANN Transfer Policy contracts that a working group I'm sitting on is looking after.

The task was supposedly simple - check out the current status of XML-RPC Blog editors, do some feature comparisons (and maybe even fall in love with something enough to start using myself and recommend to my users).

This was amplified a little bit because the one that I currently use is stuck in side of Newzcrawler which seems to have developed the nasty habit of consuming 100% of the available CPU resources on my box - totally suxors when you have it running in the background and you can't check your email without shutting down your aggregator. I think it might have something to do with the number of feeds I subscribe to and number of items in those feeds...but I digress.

So I trolled around to the usual suspects, w.bloggar, SharpMT, Zempt and so on - and quickly realized that *nothing* has changed with these apps in the last seven months. In fact, a couple of them no longer worked with my setup - something that I've now got to track down to make sure that we didn't break something (even though we've done nothing to our MetaWebLog/Blogger API interfaces...in the last eight months.)

So I went out to find a new tool that might work and be really cool (I generally love using software that no one else is using - call it an bizarre expression of my individualism...) Problem there is that most them totally suxor *worse* than the tools that I was fleeing.

Someone really needs to step up to the plate here. There's a huge market for these tools - especially ones that work well with aggregators.

I've got $40 for the first developer that puts a non-sucking client into my hands.