Webgrabit: "Forget RSS - WebGrabit supersedes RSS web feeds with a technology that is much more versatile! "

"WebGrabit is challenging established RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as a means of effectively getting updated news and information feeds directly to users desktops.

RSS has recently gained a substantial following from people who want instant access to multiple sources of news and information. Widely available RSS readers allow users to access RSS feeds from thousands of content providers. However, RSS suffers from a number of serious limitations."

This was definitely enough of a hook to get me to download and try out their app. Webgrabit is a decent application, but not one that is likely to usurp RSS anytime soon. Realistically, it is Microsoft's "Active Desktop" done right (it doesn't crash my desktop, gives me a few handy options to control which portions of the webpage I want to be displayed, etc.).

As a proprietary application, it really misses out big where RSS shines - I can't get under the hood, I can't repurpose it and I can't use it anywhere that they don't support. In other words, this is dumb 90's technology at its finest.

The kicker - "Our online payment facility is temporarily unavailable. If you want to purchase WebGrabit now, please email us at sales@webgrabit.com" At least with RSS, I can pick and choose who to send my money to.