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Re: Re: Re: Not just foreign oil - all oil
by Peter Ejtel
"Focusing on Conservation is a little late" Maybe I should have clarified that point but I felt the context of the entire post reflected it. The point here is that conservation on the most effective level, and that means the majority of us doing it all at once, on all levels, at all times may buy us a decade or so but thatís it. I try to do my part in little ways here or there, but I am a consumer, living in a consumer based society and the one thing that is consumed by all either directly or indirectly is Oil. Transportation solutions aren't the answer either, that is only 20% of oil consumption, the rest are based on Petro Chemicals, plastics, drugs, you name it. I just think that relying on conservation is not the answer, but it does help to a small degree and buys us some more time to come up with a real solution that may keep our way of life intact for at least all of our childrenís children. Investing in projects and companies working on real solutions for the long term should be the focus.
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