Tucows launched a corporate blog a couple of weeks back. Its about time I say! Tucows manages one of the larger hosted blogging platforms out there (blogware.com) in addition to owning several great “makes blogging better services” like Domain Direct and Blogrolling.com, so its nice to see the company take the step and start showing the human side of the company through what might actually turn out to be a decent blog.

Bottle-nipple-02Anyways – that’s not what I wanted to get on about. The real reason I think that the Tucows blog is going to be a smashing success is because the caretakers aren’t afraid to post gratuitous nipple shots to it. Faint, and carefully disguised by a t-shirt. Tasteful even. But still, a nipple.

Just a while ago, I would have thought that such an event would be inconceivable. And now today, its happened. Actually, it happened yesterday, and no one, except me, seems to have noticed.

My how far we’ve come.

Nipples indeed.

I don’t even want to think where this might take us.