The difference ten years makes

I took Amanda out for dinner for her birthday tonight. Being the guest of honor, she got to pick the fare – pizza from around the corner followed by a drive out to Dairy Queen for a Peanut Buster Parfait. The stereotypical pregnant lady smorgasbord, complete with anchovies on the pizza and a request for pickles at the Dairy Queen.

We had a great time. As we ate our ice cream in the parking lot of the DQ, I asked her if she remembered what she did to celebrate her birthday ten years ago. She replied that she vaguely remembered partying in a local pub, drinking one shot for each year of her life. Ouch. I thought it was a pretty funny contrast – ten years does make for quite a difference.

Its almost 9:30 as I write this, and we’re just about to bundle up and off to bed. Ten years ago, we were just getting started.