Life in the cloud….


Comments were broken on this blog. The fix wasn’t immediately apparent, so I opted instead to install Disqus. That meant I had to install a third-party plugin for WordPress. Installing the plugin meant getting an API key from Akismet. So here I am, three virtual services away from my blog, signing up for this and agreeing to that just so you can leave comments on my blog.

Pretty cool.

Ten years ago, we talked about an API for everything. Today we no longer talk about it, it just is. It also makes me think about how cutting edge we were when we launched OpenSRS.

Register a domain name via an API? Can I still register via email? (yes, son, in the olden days the only way to register a domain name was by sending an email). In retrospect, I think its safe to say, OpenSRS was the first commercial web service. 10 years later, its still the standard in the industry.

Also pretty cool.