July 30, 2002

Of Apples & Hand Grenades: The differing views of the ICANN and IETF Rank and File

Apples and Hand Grenades... "peterd" makes some interesting points over at ICANNWatch regarding the gap the lies between the views of the IETF'ers and those of the ICANN'ites. More from me on this point tomorrow...
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Desktop Linux has an "interesting" interview with Karl concerning the litigation and a few other interesting points. Not sure if a story that uses the word "infofascist" in its lead can be truly unbiased, but... Personally, I would take exception to Karl's characterization of ICANN as a shield for APNic, RIPE and ARIN. While the relationships between the entities continues to be strong (as far as I can tell anyways), the RIR's have always acted according to their own agenda for the most part - with or without ICANN's "shelter". Anyways, this is a short bit - worth the read even if just to enjoy a class rant from Mr. Auerbach ;)
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HP Wields DMCA Against Security Researchers

As I mentioned earlier this week, Bruce Perens, Debian founder, Open Source advocate and HP evangelist, backed down from his promise to flaunt the DMCA in an upcoming public presentation. This week finds HP targetting researchers for discussing a software vulnerability in what appears to be the first attempt to expand the DMCA to security flaws. While CNET indicates that the incidents are unrelated, Bruce has already publicly stated that "I am not happy to hear this at all. And if it's true, I'll take them to task for it."

Hopefully Ben will find some success so that Bruce can hold on to his job ;)

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Telecom execs tell Congress: No network disruptions.

Telecom execs tell Congress: No network disruptions. FCC chief also reassures lawmakers [InfoWorld: Top News] ""There's something bad wrong -- I don't know what it is," said Sen. Max Cleland"

I wonder if Senator Max has read any of Saltzer, Reed & Clark's discussions on the gravity defying feats that the telecom sector attempted...

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Wed, 31 Jul 2002 03:00:11 GMT

And the loser is me because I got sucked into wasting another Tuesday night on such a trivial show. I really need to get cable.
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Wed, 31 Jul 2002 02:56:41 GMT

Time for the final quiz... 20 questions about the mole... ...and the loser is... Damned commercials...
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Wed, 31 Jul 2002 02:48:31 GMT

The tension is killing me. Damned commercials...
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Wed, 31 Jul 2002 02:40:21 GMT

Ahh...this is too funny... Bill found his GPS while Heather loses her dignity but gained the affection of a wild pig. Tuesday night TV couldn't be better. I still think Dorothy is the mole, but Bill would be the logical "script" choice...
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Wed, 31 Jul 2002 02:29:51 GMT

Have you figured out who "The Mole" is yet? Poor Bill can't find the castle...
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Tue, 30 Jul 2002 12:35:49 GMT

I just realized that I named my blog very similarly to Jamie Love's "Random Bits" mailing list. The two are obviously not related - "Random Bytes" simply stems from the domain name that the blog runs under...the "Random" part means just that - no obvious theme for the content here other than items that interest me...
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Test for Thomas...

Thomas - this story should have the permalink enabled in the RSS feed. Let me know if I've missed the boat...

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