July 31, 2002

Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:25:01 GMT

WASHINGTON - Alleged Russian organized crime leader under arrest in Italy on charges he tried to fix the ice-dancing competition at the 2002 Winter Olympics. [Source: Yahoo! Wireless] - Fix it how? Handing out free beer at the events would be a start.
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Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:12:11 GMT

Tucows has released its latest comments on the work of the ERC with specifics comments directed to the names policy development process, and in particular on the workings of the current DNSO and its proposed successor, the GNSO. This latest document summarizes prior proposals, to the extent they may be still relevant to the work of the committee, and make further and more specific suggestions as to how the future policy process can work better. Tucows Comments to the Implementation Committee on the Names Policy Development Process; [HTML][DOC][PDF] Supporting materials can be found at http://www.byte.org/heathrow
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Wed, 31 Jul 2002 13:29:51 GMT

On July 26, 2002, Susan Crawford, of Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering, filed a submission to the ICANN Public Comment Forum on the WLS on behalf of SnapNames that suggests that the Board review of the recommendations of the Transfers TF related to the WLS is "...a process not based in any contractually supported or legally permissible role of the Board." Needless to say, I couldn't disagree with the arguments made in this submission more strongly (except in two regards - read the paper ;) and have fi led a response with the Transfers TF for their consideration. My basic feeling is that; 1. The WLS constitutes a fundamental change in the domain names market which permanently advantages one player. 2. The safeguards recommended by the Task Force to allay some of these advantages are reasonable and should receive the support of the Board. 3. The Board of ICANN should deny Verisign's request to amend the contract until such time that Verisign can actually agree to and practically implement the necessary changes to the functional specification of the WLS. I will post a marked up and annotated version of my submission later tonight.
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Noodle this please

Please pay attention to this issue. Resolution of the disputes that fall out of the various contracts between various registries, registrars and ICANN is an extremely important issue that the community needs to noodle further.
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MelbourneIT CEO Resigns

Melbourne IT today announced that their CEO, Adrian Kloeden, had tendered his resignation to the Board. Apparently Adrian "had not been seeking to leave Melbourne IT but had been made an offer than was too good to refuse." by Serco. I'll miss seeing Adrian at various industry events. He is a thoughtful man that always had something interesting to talk about. My sincere best wishes for him in his new role.

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