September 29, 2002

Secret Service start War-Patrols

Secret Service in DC, getting hip to the security realities of Wi-Fi, have actively started "war-driving" in an attempt to increase the overall security of the area. One of the officers likened his war-patrols to the normal activities of a beat-cop. "It's part of crime prevention to knock on the door."...

Personally, I think its a good move in the right direction. All too often "establishment" tends to over-react to IP-phenomena like this and try to "outlaw" it. Its refreshing to see that there are still those that understand the fact that technology is neither good nor evil, but rather, the real impact all depends on how it is deployed and consumed...

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Sharp Gets Depth

I absolutely can't wait for these devices from Sharp to hit the market. While I'm sure that 1G will cost an arm and a leg and suck, the fact remains that there is now a commercial product that will shortly be available to start to fulfill some of the promises that 3D has been making for 40 years or more. I personally can't wait to see how UI designers are going to start leveraging the extra space on the desktop ;)
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