October 04, 2002

New Feature - ROTD

Today's winner of the first annual  "Registration of the Day Award" is:


(The Runner-up Registration of the Day is: "NEUSEX.NET" :)

Both winner gets all the free traffic that these links generate...sort of.

Next years winners will be announced Monday, when I feel like it, or October 3, 2003 - whatever comes first.

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First dotORG, now dotNU, what's a registry operator to do?

"To All NU Registrars, We regret to inform you that VeriSign GRS's Agreement with the registry for the .NU top level domain, WorldNames, has been terminated. As a result, VeriSign GRS hereby gives notice of termination of your ccTLD Access Request for the .NU TLD under VeriSign GRS's ccTLD Access Program Agreement. VeriSign GRS has no choice but to close its .NU registration system. This closure will be effective Friday, November 1, 2002, in accordance with section 6.1.c of the ccTLD Access Program Agreement. "
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