January 22, 2003

Wed, 22 Jan 2003 21:58:05 GMT

Wow - Radio really mangled that one eh? Sometimes its fun to chuck things into the radio-refinery via email and see what comes out - didn't expect that mess. I will fix it when I get home ;) [update: Fixed.]
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The New Network Solutions - still sends the same old spam...

At least I get Air Miles now...


Go to www.networksolutions.com
If you haven't done business with Network Solutions lately, you may not know about all the changes we've made to make working with us easier.

Maybe you're familiar with the name. But while we started out as Network Solutions and were the first company to provide Internet domain names, we've evolved, as a division of VeriSign, to provide E-mail and Web site services as well.



John Donoghue
Executive Vice President
Network Solutions, Inc.

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