January 23, 2003

You can tell its a slow day when...

I have nothing better to do than arrange fights between readers and mock spammers. Apparently there are two other people that read this blog as well - Scott, meet Joe. Joe, meet Scott. Joe and Scott, meet Dan and a bunch of Dan's co-workers. Scott - Dan thinks have no taste in blogs and Joe said he'd rough you up unless you lightened up...or something like that. I suppose that all of this is better than ranting about Radio.
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Thu, 23 Jan 2003 22:38:06 GMT

"The company is also reasonably certain that none of the e-mail addresses are confidential, but are instead those listed in the Whois database" More at The Register.
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Thu, 23 Jan 2003 22:34:36 GMT

Scott says my blog sucks and that no one reads it. thhppppt to Scottie-o.
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They should know better than to send a 2mb attachment...

Unbelievable...Eric Longman writes on Tucows reseller discussion list that "...at 6:47 this morning I got a 2MB email apparently from Network Solutions that contained nothing but a list of THOUSANDS of email addresses and the subject ".ORG Domain Name Update" More here.
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