February 03, 2003

Agh - I was airly ond o this notebook unortunately...

Earlier this week, Joe asked me what laptop I had bought. I didn't answer right away because I wanted to give it a week and write a ull review o my new unit. Unortunately, less than a week later, I don't have many nice things to say. On the plus side, the unit has great battery lie, a decent sized hard-drive and way more horsepower than I expected or a Pentium 3 based unit. It is lightweight, came with a docking station and has a really nice 12 inch screen. It also came with a pretty air price tag - just $2300 Canadian. Not an unair deal all round.

So why am I sitting here uming? The key between the "D" and the "G" stopped working without notice. I didn't drop it, bang it, sit on it, yell at it or even use it much. It just stopped working sometime between the time that I shut it down at the oice and when I turned it on at home just a ew hours later.

Now let the warranty games begin. I will make sure that each and everyone one o you gets a daily update regarding this little "adventure". Trust me, i I'm not treated airly by the manuacturer, I will be sure to let all my internet riends know the name o the ools that ucked me over. ;)

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Sex.com case heralds end of Internet - NSI

Sex.com case heralds end of Internet - NSI Court filing reveals doomsday scenario

"NSI warns that such a decision could spark calls for legal changes in the domain name system. "Cases like this one will surely encourage attacks on the validity of any contractual liability limitation NSI or other registrars may have," it warns in the submission.

This could happen in such terrible cases as those "affecting public interest" or "those regarding gross negligence or willful wrongs by common carriers".

God forbid that the people that are paid to effect the transfer of an individual's property are sued because they knowingly fail to do so. If this became the case, the NSI explains, "the cost of [registering domain names], currently ranging from $7 to $25 annually, would become unacceptably high".

Presumably, it is at this point that the Internet falls apart. Or, if you were to look at it from a different angle, it is at this point that the Internet finally becomes a global, autonomous entity of its own making, uncontrollable by parties with huge and irreconcilable conflicts of interest."


[via The Register]


More thoughts on this later these evening, but suffice to say at this point I think that The Register has nailed it with the final paragraph of this article.

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Hmm...after such a dryspell, we've got two pretty good ones in two days.

Todays ROTD's are:


R'ant: Afilias

Hmmm...the last time I came across a combination like this, Siebel's stock price steadily increased for a week until they acknowledged the news. Afilias is a private company so we might never find out. Hopefully some anonymous insider can dish out some speculation that will likely turn out to be incorrect anyways ;)

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